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How We Can Help


Want to get rid of that ugly house fast? ​

 We understand that sometimes  life circumstances create a need to sell a property fast in which case you want your CASH NOW. We help people who can't wait to put property on the market, wait for a realtor to list it and then drag people day after day through the house hoping for a sale. We evaluate your market value and give you a quote within 24 hours. You can approve our offer or not. Evaluation is free. If you approve it we sign the contract then after our due diligence we close and you get your check. It's that simple ! 


Wait a minute. What if my property needs repairs? No Problem.

 Sometimes you can't afford to do the repairs or you just don't want to mess with the headache of doing repairs yourself. No problem. We see the polished diamond not the lump of coal. 

Troubled Times

We are here to help!


Lets face it, bad things happen to good people !

  • Perhaps the unexpected comes knocking at your door. We can help you navigate through many situations which happen to everyone. Divorce, death in the family, inheritance of a property you don't want or can't afford to fix up.Financial hardship caused you to get behind (Don't give it to the greedy banks) or, maybe you just need to sell your house fast for other reasons. Every situation is different. Let us discuss all options with you.Sometimes you don't have to sell your house to get your money problems straight.

Stop Foreclosure


Don't Let Greedy Banks Get Your House!

Stop the harassing calls, the stress and the anxiety. Things happen and we can help.If you want to sell it to us and not let the bank get it or you just want to walk away and save your credit .You can have peace of mind. We have programs to help whatever your situation is.

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We Buy Apartments!




We buy apartments and other commercial investment properties. If you are sick of being a landlord or just want to unload some inventory from your portfolio or maybe behind on your note. Call us Today ! (843) 388-5313

We can buy with liquid funds or assume existing notes. There are many options. we can work with you We would love to look at your Property Financials and get you a LOI within 48 hours. It doesn't have to have positive cash flow because we look at the big picture.




We love multi-family homes


Commercial Properties

  Sometimes you need capital for other ventures or just want to downsize your portfolio. Maybe you are just sick of being a landlord.We buy preforming and non-preforming properties. Just send us the financials and the proforma for your property. We will evaluate to see if it is something we would be interested in or one of our investors. You have nothing to lose.  We can have LOI within 24-48 Hours.  

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